Matt Dominguez - Founder & CEO

Matt had his first cigar at Federal Cigar in Portsmouth NH on a night out with some friends back in 2015. Having always been intrigued by cigars, he asked one of the more seasoned pros what he should try, and was recommended a 'Dirt Natural' Torpedo from Drew Estate. It was light, sweet and smoky, 

and Matt was hooked. 

Slowly progressing from a monthly...then weekly...then a daily activity, he endeavored to smoke as many different cigars as he could find, enamored with the notes and nuances of each individual blend. After a chance request from a family member to pick up some cigars for an upcoming wedding, he realized there was a missing piece of the wedding puzzle that needed to be filled. Matt saw the opportunity to introduce a whole new world of cigars to the happy couples of New England, and opened 'Match Sticks' in 2021. 

With the calendar filling up week after week, both novice smokers and seasoned aficionados are going to get the first-class experience of premium cigar smoking at a beautiful venue near you!